Joti Balani

Joti Balani serves as the firm’s Chief Technology Officer and is the Founder and Managing Director of, a boutique consultancy focused on strategy and delivery of enterprise business outcomes leveraging Conversational AI, Enterprise AI-enabled Workflow Automation and Data Transformation with Foundational/Large Language Models for Fortune 500 clients. 

Joti designs and delivers complex enterprise, human, and systemic transformations with a proven framework that blends AI, data science, engineering, and social sciences. With over 25 years of experience in the technology and design industry, she has led several award-winning and innovative projects for Fortune 100 enterprises, creating emotional, ethical, and economic value for their brands and customers.

Joti is a global thought leader, strategic advisor and technology expert in the fields of Conversational AI, Foundational Models, Robotics, Automation and Web3. She speaks at leading industry, academic, and social impact events globally including CES, Fintech Connect, Data Center Connect to name a few. She is also a member of the Infrastructure Masons NYC Chapter collaborating with industry leaders to ensure AI is sustainable and carbon-neutral as it grows exponentially.