Our Services

We provide accessible, personalized, strategic solutions to your comprehensive business needs.

With diverse industry experience, we are able to design M&A solutions that match your deal size, protecting your deal value.

From series LLCs to more traditional corporate structures, we can help you.

Business owners face not only issues of business readiness to sell or transition but also issues of personal readiness.

Cost-effective, on-demand solutions give your leadership team someone to call when legal needs arise.

By balancing the value of the contract to the client with the depth of the contractual review, we help minimize risk while maximizing both profit and value.

Addressing employee issues is one of the most complex tasks for any business.

Our Story

We believe M&A is a calling. We are passionate about client centered, corporate representation. We pride ourselves on being deal makers who work closely with you to achieve the positive results you want. We are a different kind of law firm.

Your legal experience begins with our listening. We seek to learn about and understand you, your business, and your short and long term goals and objectives.  The result? We partner with you to proactively address the issues that keep you up at night. With real world business acumen and deep legal expertise, we approach your needs with curiosity before crafting value driven solutions that create a path to your business vision. Together we can achieve your operational and legal goals. 

We started Jordon Voytek after working alongside clients and learning about what was missing from their legal experience and what they wanted in a corporate law firm. We have heard you. We are here to answer the phone when you call. We are here to balance your legal costs, needs, risks, and benefits. We are here to provide sophisticated, timely solutions, delivered by experienced corporate counsel you can count on to be a part of your team. We are here to close your deal. 

We invite you to try the Jordon Voytek experience.

Years of Combined Corporate and M&A Experience

Our Team

When you engage Jordon Voytek you get Jordon Voytek. You will not be relegated to an inexperienced lawyer. The faces of our team you see below translate into the voices that will answer your call and advise you. Our experienced attorneys are available to personally serve you. Our attorneys care about each other and about our clients. Our clients become part of the Jordon Voytek family.

Meet the Jordon Voytek family…

Jacquelyn Jordon Core, JD, PhD
Michael T. Voytek, Esq.
April Slokan Oliverio, Esq.
Of Counsel


Seema Mir, JD, MSIR, BS
Of Counsel


Chavon D. Carr, JD
Of Counsel
Jordan Howlette, JD, MBA
Of Counsel
Ralph Minto, JD
Of Counsel


Michelle Kopnski, JD, LLM
Of Counsel
Rachel Cipolat, JD
Kimberly Carbone
Matthew Johnson
Legal Assistant
Jackson Core
Legal Assistant