A Deep Dive into the Legal Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions

Brokers, bankers, buyers, and sellers often ask us what they should know to better understand the legal aspects of M&A and the transactional documents that go along with it.  Let’s face it: M&A is complex. To really understand all the moving pieces in this dynamic area of the law a deep dive is required, but some of the best M&A texts span more than 1,000 pages and can seem daunting.  

This series of articles will give you a look each week at one legal aspect of M&A transactions so that you can begin to better educate yourself on what goes into the definitive documents and what happens along the path to closing an M&A transaction. Each week we will give you a small slice of M&A knowledge.  Over time those slices will help you to develop deal acumen and to appreciate why, at Jordon Voytek, we think M&A is a calling and our passion. Come along with Jordon Voytek on a closer look at the legal aspects of M&A to understand how lawyers best position the parties in an M&A transaction, what matters, and why you should care.

Each week Jordon Voytek attorneys will tackle one aspect of mergers and acquisitions that will help advance your knowledge of the deal space, transactions, and the market. From the basic to the esoteric, we will explore concepts that appear frequently, and even rarely, during discussions and negotiations across the deal table.  Check back here for these articles or email Jacquelyn@JordonVoytek.com to be added to the mailing list to receive each week’s short article in your inbox. Mergers and acquisitions are specialized and complex. Just give us your name and email address, and we will send you a quick summary that will help you become familiar with the salient concepts, developing M&A fluency with Jordon Voytek over time. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to flex your deal muscles.

Jacquelyn Jordon Core and Michael T. Voytek are Founding Partners at Jordon Voytek, and April Slokan Oliverio is Of Counsel to the firm. They focus their practice on mergers and acquisitions, specializing in bringing sophisticated buy-side and sell-side transactions and unique deal structures to businesses of all sizes, from main street to the middle market. They are available for consultations to structure, negotiate, and close deals as well as to facilitate corporate restructurings and to assist businesses with their day-to-day legal needs.Please contact Jacquelyn directly at Jacquelyn@JordonVoytek.com, or by phone at 304.777.0790, Michael directly at Michael@JordonVoytek.com, or by phone at 203.360.6232, or April directly at April@JordonVoytek.com, or by phone at 304.216.2119.